Monday, February 18, 2013

Questions Answered... 


Since starting this challenge I have been fielding tons of questions, which is awesome!  Because most of these questions are similar, I figured I could answer all of them now in one fell swoop:

Why on Earth would you EVER do this?

There are several reasons why I choose to  partake in Lent each year... 
  1. Without getting too personal or religious, I do actually complete a Lenten challenge for  the traditional reasons.  I believe that self-deprivation is a great way to remind ourselves of all the things that we take for granted everyday.
  2. It keeps life interesting!  As good ole John Cougar Mellencamp (or was he just John Mellencamp or John Cougar at that time...must Google that one) once said, "life goes on, long after the thrill of livin' is gone." Challenging oneself to something difficult makes life more exciting!
  3. I learn a tremendous amount about myself.  For example, right now I am learning that I REALLY need a hobby!  When did I become so materialist?  I remember the punk rock rebel that I was, but I am realizing that I have become the complete antithesis of that person.  When did that happen?  Why did that happen?  YUCK!   

You cheat, right?  I mean no one is going to know... 


I DO NOT cheat!  I have been completing Lent for many, many years and I have yet to cheat. If you cheat, what is the point? 

Ok, not true, I did give up smoking a few years ago and made it until day 14 and caved.  However, I knew that I was going to cheat, giving up smoking was on a whim and I wasn't psychologically prepared for quitting. I totally ratted myself out to all my friends.  I also felt terribly guilty and donated a sum of money to a charity that helps others quit smoking.  Other than that one time I have NEVER cheated.  I WOULD KNOW!

I have been known to "bank" a few of my Sundays so that I could drink during spring break, but I was prepared for this before the challenge started and it was part of the rules.  During Lent, you can indulge in whatever it is that you have given up on Sunday, this is why Lent is 47 (sometimes more) days long, but I normally refrain on Sundays and then quit a week early, hence "banking my Sundays". I have spoken with a nun concerning this practice and she assured me that, while this might not be the best method, it is acceptable.

Is a Nestle Coffee drink really a necessity?



There you have it...questions answered.  If you have any others, just let me know.  I love 'em!

On to today's discovery:

HAIR DYE!?!?!  Bakala Qamar, you are making this TOO easy!  This place really does have everything.


Purchase list:
  • One onion
  • Two cans coconut milk
  • One package shredded cheese
  • Two Nestle Coffee drinks (yes, a necessity)
  • Shampoo (for travel)
  • Conditioner (for travel)

Bakala Total:  3.550KD or $12.58

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