Thursday, February 21, 2013

Alright, so it is not quite 50 eggs but I did get 30 and a free dozen from my neighbor! Why? Well, they are primarily for the pooch and I have developed a new affinity for egg salad recently.  Mimosa loves hard boiled eggs. I once read that they are great for her black fur, keeps it shiny and soft.  I believe it!  Also, since they are not refrigerated here, they last forever. I’m not kidding…months! I am so glad that I actually found non refrigerated eggs again! After living in Guatemala for four years I had grown accustomed to buying large quantities of eggs (because they are cheaper) and keeping them for longer periods of time.  Upon my arrival in Kuwait I discovered that all eggs here are refrigerated.  It was a sad day.  I was delighted to find eggs last night in Bakala Qamar!  And even more excited that they were not refrigerated! It’s the small things…
 I am off to Dubai to celebrate my birthday so blog posts will be suspended for a while.  I will be sure and stick to my rules:  only one magnet and one keepsake…this should be interesting!

Bakala Total:  5.950 or $21.00

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