Friday, February 15, 2013

3 Days In...

Only 44 more days to go!  Today I learned two interesting facts about Bakala Qamar:

  1. They deliver! All I have to do is make a quick phone call and all that Qamar has to offer will be delivered to my door.
  2. They do not have toilet paper.  I probably should have done a bit more investigation before starting this challenge.Luckily I am pretty well stocked on TP so this shouldn't present a problem for a while.

Bar toilet paper, Bakala Qamar really does have just about everything.  It is amazing what they have packed into these aisles.  Every trip I seem to find some new, eccentric item.  Today's item:

I doubt I will be trying these anytime soon, but by day 20 desperation might set in!

Thus far I have made two purchases at the onion, one can of coconut milk, one package of shredded cheese, and two Nestle coffee drinks.  Total 2.100KD or about USD 7.44.  These prices might shock you a bit, I know that I just had to redo the conversion math about four times to believe it, but it is actually much cheaper than our local grocery store.  Plus, without the allure of fancy impulse counters and glitzy Western packaging, I am much less tempted to pick up items I don't really need.  I am hoping to save a boatload of Dinar during this adventure!  Stay tuned...

Bakala Total:  2.100 KD