Friday, March 8, 2013

My Cheatin' Heart...

It's not what you think...

My new destination for fresh fruits!
Isn't this how all great excuses start?  "It's not what you think."  "It isn't what it looks like."  Blah, blah, blah...This time I assure you that it is not how it appears, it is not what you think!  I have not cheated on my Lenten challenge, (not yet at least) but I have cheated on my beloved Bakala Qamar.  Bakala Qamar is great for all things that I need: household items, veggies, hair dye, quail eggs, etc.  It is only lacking in one department:  fresh fruits.  Therefore I scoured the neighborhood in search of another Bakala.  Ok, so it really wasn't too much of a search as our neighborhood has about 10 Bakalas within a two block radius.  Nevertheless, I found a fantastic little Bakala about a block away that specializes in, you guessed it, FRUIT! 

Apparently, each Bakala specializes in some type of product.  Bakala Qamar seems to be great for vegetables and household goods, while our new Bakala has little in the category of household goods and veggies, but tons of fruits.   Who knew, I guess there is competition among the neighborhood Bakalas?  Anywho, this new Bakala (and don't even ask the name) is fantastic!  It is clean and bright and packed full of fruits that are priced very reasonably.  I reread my original challenge and I am sure that I have stayed within the parameters.  I merely said I would shop at a Bakala and I think I am still doing well. The true test of my willpower will be in this coming week.  The pooch is almost out of food and I will have to venture into the "real" grocery store to pick that up.  Will I be able to resist the glitzy packaging and Western foods? Taking inspiration from The Little Engine That Could...I think I can, I think I can...

I have purchased several items in the past week.  Cleaning supplies, fruits, veggies, etc.  Therefore, my total has taken a jump.  Still doing quite well and saving tons of money while supporting the "little guy"  This challenge has definitely opened my eyes to how much money I have been wasting at the chain grocery.  Also, by having to buy only what I need when I need it, I have cut done tremendously on my waste. 

Bakala Total: 12.150KD or $42.80

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