Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Only 10 Days To Go...

Is it really almost over?

Funny how it always seems to work out this way.  At first, Lent seems like it will be so long, such a battle of endurance.  Then, before I know it, the time has come and gone!  I will admit that this Lenten challenge has been much easier than those of the past as I have been able to break it a few times while on vacation.  With that said, I have learned a TON, about myself and about Kuwait.  

Things I have learned so far (you know how I love a good list):

  1. I waste a boatload of money on crap I really don't need.
  2. I have let my "things" rule my life.
  3. I need a hobby.
  4. The local population is really great! 
  5. I would rather spend my money on travel than anything else (o.k. so I pretty much already knew this one, now it is just confirmed).
  6. I really LOVE eating out...I do!

I do not feel that my list does my experience justice, but it is all I got.  After this journey, I truly want to try to continue shopping in my neighborhood and saving money.  I feel a new chapter in my book of life starting!  It is quite exciting!

My favorite picture from Lebanon!

With that said, I recently traveled to Beirut, Lebanon.  I remember Beirut from the news as a child. It was scary. I am not sure what I expected, but what I found was amazing!  A really culturally rich country with tons to see and do.  Sticking to my Lenten challenge, I only purchased a magnet and a cookbook (my sister would be proud). By limiting myself, I have found that I purchase things that I will keep with me for life, things that represent what I want to remember about the country and the experience.  With only 10 more days to go, I am interested in what other lessons I will learn.  Stay tuned...

Bakala Total:KD 26.950 or $94.59

Pooch's Food:  KD 3.950 or $13.88 (1.7lbs)

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  1. i AM proud. you know this means that you are now obligated to make me dinner! (I made mom promise to make us chix livers while we're home, btw).