Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Mexican Food and Memories.

Fiesta, party of one...

It is Tuesday night, the perfect night for a Mexican fiesta!  Actually, I believe that every night is the perfect night for a Mexican fiesta or at least Mexican food.  Therefore, with Mexican on my mind, I set out to the bakala to obtain the necessary ingredients.  In Kuwait?  At a bakala?  Yep.  Much to my shock it was not as difficult as I imagined (everyone really does love Mexican food)! 

My Firey Fiesta Salad (clever name…right?)

·      Lettuce- check
·      Jalapeno peppers-check
·      Tomato-check
·      Cheddar Cheese   Halloumi Cheese:  a delicious white, salty cheese.
·      Sour Cream   Labneh:  The Turkish version of sour cream—SO GOOD!

And there you have it, a complete Mexican meal!

Moving on to part two of the post,  I am stealing this idea from my good friend Kelli.   
My 30 Most Awesome Life Experiences (Since I moved overseas).  There were a ton before, but this is an expat blog after all…

(In no particular order)

The Land of Eternal Spring.
1.     The last phone call I made from US soil, to Wayne, I was hysterical.
2.     My first view of Guatemala City from the plane window.  “What the HELL have I done?!?!”
3.     The morning I was shit-bombed by my hotel roommate. A long, stinky story.
4.     Celebrating an epic birthday with Kelly N.  (como se dice…)
5.     My first road trip to El Salvador.
6.     Saying goodbye to friends. Awesomely painful.
7.     Opening the third bottle of wine at Portal with Darryl.
8.     Ghost Whisperer nights with Kelli.
9.     Learning how to do “the clam” with Nina in El Salvador.
10.  Lasik
11.  The Hotel Hann in Costa Rica.
12.  Outrunning the "black truck" cops in Guate.
13.  Cooking lessons with Mom in Nicaragua.
14.  Finding the pooch.
15.  Coming home for the first time after my house had been cleaned by the maid.
16.  Pricesmart and Acas y Alas with Brian.
17.  Drunken weeknights with Sola….we will only drink two or three.
18.  My first real taste of desert heat…that shit ain’t no joke.
19.  Quitting smoking.
20.  The first sighting of loved ones at baggage claim.
21.  The instant(s) I secured a new job.
22.  Seeing my nephews for the first time.
23.  Drinking many beers on the side of the road during an 8 hour traffic jam on our way to Irtra.
24. Drinking beers on the roof of the hotel in Antigua with Marisa.
25. The birth of “CBH” at The Patio.
26. Breaking my foot in Belize….UnBelizeAble
27. Livingston and Queen Anne.
28. Our road trip to El Salvador after picking up Patrick from a golf tourney hosted by Patron.
29. The UF vs. Alabama game. "I just need a little chocolate up in me."
30. Epic shots and rainstorm in Sipacate with Mom and Wayne.

Of course there are tons more and I know there will be more to come. What are some of your moments? 

Current Bakala Total:   15.350 KD ($54.69)

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